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Safety Inspection and Emissions Testing Available

Every year, residents all over North Carolina scramble to get their vehicle’s registered. An important step towards that final goal is to go through the Safety Inspection and Emissions Test. This process is crucial to getting your vehicle registered and unless your vehicle falls within a specific set of exemptions, is unavoidable. That’s why it’s important to visit a shop that not only performs both the inspection and the test but also provides any repairs needed to pass the test. That’s where’ Brown’s Automotive can help.

At Brown’s Automotive in Chapel Hill, NC, we are proud administrators of the NC Safety Inspection and the Smog & Emissions Test. Our ASE Certified technicians will quickly and thoroughly perform both tests for your vehicle and, if you fail, provide the car care your vehicle needs so it can pass! Know that when you visit us, your vehicle will drive away in excellent condition.

How You Can Prepare

One of the quickest ways to fail a safety inspection and an emissions test is to have your check engine light on. The light plays a determines whether you pass or fail and if seen, will quickly inform technicians that your vehicle is not safe for the streets. So it’s important that you get rid of the light before the test and that you do it right. Although you may find a way to get rid of the light without fixing the problem, our technicians will still be able to find it. Here are some tips to ensure your vehicle doesn’t have this pesky light on during your safety inspection or emissions test.

Determine The Cause of The Light

When you see the check engine light, make sure you pay attention to how the light is shining. If you see a steady shining light, that means that although there is an issue with your vehicle, it isn’t a severe issue. With that said, it’s still important to schedule a visit as soon as possible. If the light is red and is blinking, that means there is something seriously wrong with your vehicle and you should stop driving it immediately. At this point, it’s best to visit us as soon as you see this type of light. Any additional stress placed on your vehicle could worsen the problem.

Once you determine what kind of light has been triggered, you can try to determine the cause. Although the light is vague by nature, you can easily determine the issue if you have an OBD II scanner. If not, make sure to check your gas cap as a loose gas cap is a common cause for a check engine light.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced

Unless a loose gas cap is the cause, it’s better to leave the diagnosis and repair of the check engine light to our automotive professionals. Utilizing an OBD II Scanner (the same tool we use for the inspection and test) we’ll be able to quickly determine the problem and make the appropriate repair before you take the test and inspection!

For more information on how you can prepare for the NC Safety Inspection and Smog & Emissions test, please visit the DMV’s Car Inspection in North Carolina page.

We are your North Carolina Inspection Station!

If it’s time for your vehicle to go through its yearly safety inspection and emissions testing, make sure you visit our auto service and repair shop: Brown’s Automotive in Chapel Hill, NC! Our ASE Certified technicians will provide your vehicle with a quick and thorough inspection so you can get your vehicle registered and back on the road. Give us a call at 919-391-9630 or visit our shop at 11744 US 15-501 North and schedule your visit in person!

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