Maintenance Services Drivers Should Never Skip

Car Maintenance to Never Ignore

The Most Efficient

Every driver needs to take care of their car to prolong its life. However, so many auto repair services can be hard to keep track of, costly to maintain, or time-consuming to perform. Without a doubt, some of these maintenance services are necessary. Still, some of them may not be as important or as crucial as others. Finding out which services are the most important and prioritizing those can prevent most of the problems while also being efficient with your time and money.

Under the Hood Maintenance

The most expensive auto repairs are going to come from your engine. These repairs are the most costly part of the car, so if anything goes wrong, it can affect other parts of the entire engine system and create more problems. Preventive maintenance is most effective when done on your engine. Ensure that excess dirt is cleaned off of the parts underneath your hood, especially around the battery terminals. Keeping these parts clean prevents damage and improves performance. Your fluids also get old and dirty after a while, even if you keep these components clean. Changing the oil at the mileages recommended in your owner's manual will help your engine survive longer.

Outside the Car Maintenance

The next most common and necessary auto maintenance repairs are to check the brakes and tires. The brakes can sound squeaky when in use or feel like they aren't stopping your vehicle as fast as they should. Your brakes are one of the most critical safety features, so this is always on the top priority of repairs to get done when the signs appear.

Tires need pressure and tread depth to keep your car performing well and to prevent a blowout. There is the penny trick that you can do. Put a penny in the tread, Lincoln's head first, and if the head shows the tread is too shallow. Also, maintaining balanced tire pressure will give you better mileage, clue you in on any punctures, and prevent dangerous flat tires.

Inside Your Cabin Maintenance

When inside your car, air conditioning and other electronics are essential. Auto repairs for AC can be worth it to improve your experience, and checking warning signals from your dashboard is vital. The check engine light could be on, which could suggest many problems, so you should get the diagnostic code checked at a repair shop. The ignition is also a significant part of the car. If you can't turn it on, all the other components can't operate.

These are the highest priority auto repairs, but there is much more an owner may find to be necessary concerns. If you have these or other issues to resolve, don't hesitate to come to Brown’s Automotive in Chapel Hill, NC, or give us a call to learn more.

Written by Browns Automotive