Oil Change FAQ

Everything You Need to Know

Oil changes are an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Do you know how oil changes benefit your vehicle? Brown’s Automotive in Chapel Hill, North Carolina explains everything you need to know about this maintenance service.

What is an Oil Change

Oil changes remove the motor oil found in the engine. After accumulating dirt and grime that find their way into the engine, the oil must be changed to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

How Do They Help?

Clean motor oil helps the engine function properly. There are so many benefits to changing the oil regularly:

  • Lubricating Components
  • Preventing Overheating
  • Protecting Optimal Performance & Efficiency
  • Cleaning Parts
  • Avoiding Repairs & Breakdowns

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

An average oil change costs about $50 (perhaps slightly more or less depending on the type of oil being used). An engine rebuild could cost up to $4,000. If we asked you which service you’d prefer to pay for, we’re pretty sure you would go with the oil change. It’s an affordable way to protect your car and avoid severe problems.

Won’t the Costs Add Up?

The costs of oil changes will add up over your vehicle’s lifetime, but that’s part of vehicle ownership! You should expect to pay for some maintenance items to protect your car’s optimal performance and efficiency. A maintenance budget of $100 every few months for your vehicle is much easier to manage than a sudden repair of a few thousand dollars. It’s worth it for the peace of mind!

When Should I Change It?

Everything you need to know about your vehicle’s maintenance intervals is provided in the owner’s manual. Manufacturer recommendations are a good guide to use for your oil change schedule.

While there may be other versions of your vehicle on the road, no one else drives the same as you! Your individual driving habits influence how often you’ll need an oil change. Work with a professional to determine an ideal timeframe for your maintenance schedule.

Where Should I Go?

Brown’s Automotive is a perfect place for drivers to take their cars for fast, efficient oil changes! Visit our shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to protect your vehicle’s engine.

Written by Brown's Automotive