Signs You Need Brake Repair

What to Be Aware Of

There are many things to pay attention to on the road to keep you safe while driving. Many of them come from outside your car, but some come from your car as well. Listening to, feeling, and smelling certain things can signal to you that something may be wrong and need a repair. If your brakes need repair there are many different signs that you can be aware of.

Smelling Something Burning

Most of the time if your brakes have an issue you will sense that issue when braking. However, because you use your brakes many times over the course of a ride you may not immediately link the sensation to where it is coming from. This happens especially with smells that can linger. If your brake pads are getting low and the friction happens between two surfaces that it shouldn’t, you could definitely have a smell of something burning.

Loud Noises

When your brakes are creating noises it is a lot more obvious that they are doing so. As soon as you step on the pedal to create some tension there will be a creaking sound. This could mean your brakes need repair to make them work easier. The creaking means there is unnecessary wear happening or unnecessary force. This indicates that your brakes may not have a problem now, but they will wear out or create a problem sooner.

Feeling Less Control

The most important thing to ensure about your brakes is of course that they work. If they don’t give you stopping power, then it can be very dangerous. When you feel like your vehicle stops further than normal or further than you need to be stopping for how much pressure you put on the brake pedal, it can be time to get them checked. The brake fluid may be low, requiring more pressure from you to push the fluid which closes the calipers and pads to your wheel rotors.

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Written by Browns Automotive