Six Signs You Need an Oil Change

Oil is a vital component of every engine and is responsible for its lubrication and proper functioning. If something in the oil is not right, then the engine may begin to show signs of failure. Below, we will look at some of the most common signs that you need an oil change.

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Sounds Coming from Engine

The primary function of oil in the engine is to lubricate, thus preventing wear caused by friction. If you hear noises coming from the engine, it may be friction on the cranks or another part of the engine. It is recommended when you hear these noises to stop the car and verify that it happens immediately.

Dark Colored Oil

To verify the oil color, it is only necessary to check the dipstick; it is essential to clean it when removing it. It is then inserted again and removed again to verify the color of the oil. If your oil looks very dark, it is time to change it.

Low Oil Levels

If your car burns its oil quickly, it may be a leak, or it is burning strangely; if this happens, it is recommended to change the oil immediately to one that is in line with your vehicle's requirements.

Check Engine Light is On

When this happens, it is because your vehicle encounters a problem and needs to be resolved immediately; it may be indicating that an oil change is necessary, or it may even be notifying you that there is a mechanical failure in the vehicle's engine.

Consumes More Fuel

When gasoline consumption increases, an oil change is urgently needed, as this suggests that one of the engine components is not working correctly, this constitutes one of the first faults that the vehicle can present.

As we know, oil is a vital component within the engine, that any problem that occurs with it can constitute a severe problem for the vehicle in the future. That is why it is essential to take into account these signs described above. It is also necessary to change your oil every 5,000 kilometers to avoid damage to your engine.

Vehicle Ticks When Starting

As your car's engine works, it continually pumps oil through the crankcase and cylinder heads, and over time the fresh, golden oil becomes dirty and contaminated by heat and wear.

Dirty oil tends to get sober and, therefore, more difficult to move. This means that there is a good chance that you may experience some valve train noise in the form of ticking when starting.

The phenomenon occurs because dirty oil takes longer to circulate through the engine to lubricate the moving valve train.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change today

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Written by Browns Automotive